Shooting near Paris metro station stirs fear of potential terror attack


PARIS, France – Police in the French capital of Paris say they have arrested two suspects after a shooting near a metro station that caused public fear about a potential terror attack.

Police said Monday that its forces near Jaurès-Laumière metro station had to use their firearms to stop a car that ignored police order to stop.

The shooting erupted around 4:20 p.m. local time and police managed to arrest the pair quickly.

According to report, the incident did not result in any casualties on the police side but one of the suspects received slight injuries.

Social media users posted Tweets showing that the street leading to the metro station was still closed hours after the incident.

Police said an investigation had been launched into the case to determine why the driver refused to comply with the police order, adding that the two will remain under custody.

France has been in a state of emergency since January last year after a series of high-profile terror attacks rattled the country.

Officials say over 235 people have been killed in Daesh-inspired attacks in France since 2015.

Security was tightened in July after a terror attack in the southern city of Nice, in which dozens were mowed down by a truck.

Officials said Saturday that they had to expel two Moroccans after evidence was found that they could pose serious security threats by “their continuous stay on French soil.”

The authorities would not elaborate on the evidence which they said could prove radical inclinations in the two Moroccan nationals.