LAX airport chaos: Active shooter or some loud noises?


Chaos at LAX after reports of a possible shooting forced evacuations. This was the scene at the Los Angeles International Airport earlier tonight.

In the meantime, LAPD confirmed it was a false alarm. What happened?

FAA issued a security ground stop at Los Angeles International Airport until 10 pm PT as police responded to an unconfirmed shooting report.

Police received multiple 911 calls about a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, but there was no evidence so far of a gunman or injuries.

30 minutes into the incident, sources told eTN, it was all about some loud noises.

In the meantime, police at the Los Angeles International Airport are still investigating reports of an active shooter in one of the terminals.

Latest tweets say police officers are saying they cannot find any significant incident.

LAPD tweets: Police searching LAX after reports. All precautions being taken to ensure safety of public. Remain calm. Thank you for your cooperation.

In the meantime, reports remain unconfirmed 30 minutes into the incident, as thousands of people were forced to evacuate one of the largest airports in the United States.