Landmark restaurant re-opened: Les Rochers Restaurant and Boutique, Seychelles

Seychelles welcomed the opening of the brand new “Les Rochers Restaurant and Boutique” at Grosse Roche, La Pointe on the island of Praslin.

Joel and Sandra Confait have re-opened “Les Rochers Restaurant and Boutique” at Grosse Roche, La Pointe of Saint Sauveur Praslin. A popular restaurant with the same name and owned by Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Claude Confait (Sr.), the parents of Joel operated with success until only a couple of years ago and now just adjacent to the original restaurant Joel and Sandra Confait have opened their purpose-built Creole restaurant right on the sea with one of the most picturesque views.

It was the island’s Tourism and Culture Minister, Alain St.Ange, who visited the new restaurant with two members of Praslin’s tourism trade – Louis D’Offay and Natalie Kerndler du Buisson. Minister St.Ange, who was on a working morning on the island of Praslin, called on Joel and Sandra Confait and was given a tour of the facilities of their new property.

The purpose-built, 30-seater seaside restaurant with an impressive veranda, virtually on the sea and its traditional Seychellois armchairs, was built at a cost of about 14 million rupees, and it is Madame Magdelene Confait (Sr.) who is personally in the kitchen daily coaching her son on the popular family recipes. “My university training is in the kitchen with my mother,” says Joel Confait.

Minister Alain St.Ange said, as he congratulated Joel and Sandra Confait on the opening of their restaurant, that he wishes them success. “Stand-alone restaurants are an important part of the hospitality industry. You have taken time and built a great-looking property. The Creole touches are so evident, and the attention to details so apparent. You deserve success,” Minister St.Ange said.

The new “Les Rochers Restaurant and Boutique” of Praslin has been popular since its opening, and hoteliers have been recommending the establishment to their guests wanting a night out.

After touring the restaurant, Minister St.Ange accompanied by Louis D’Offay and Natalie Kerndler du Buisson and walked the Confait property on the other side of the road to see the fruit trees of the property and also to meet with Madame Confait, the mother of Joel.

The Minister said that Joel and Sandra Confait have been able to marry their vision with their passion. “Their positive outlook sells. Their professional approach is impressive, and we believe that they have a future well worth believing in,” said Minister St.Ange.

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