Morocco developing travel agencies for the better


Travel distribution in Morocco is experiencing profound changes. Changes in the number of tourists, their consumption habits and travel purchase significantly impacts the sector. A metamorphosis that puts players in the sector faces significant challenges maintaining and conquering a share of the markets and anticipation of changes in the competitive behavior of tourists, as well as processing management methods somewhere else.

In Morocco, the activity of travel agents is governed by law on the status of travel agencies. It specifies the conditions for issuance and operation of travel agency licenses. Also, the regulatory framework is supplemented by a decree which sets the rules for implementing the act.

The activity of a travel agency as stipulated in the article of the law consists of:

• The organization of trips or individual or group stays or sale of the products of this activity.

• The provision of services to be provided during travel or holiday, including booking and issuing travel tickets, renting on behalf of its customers, means of transport, booking rooms in establishments tourist accommodation, supply of good hosting and/or restoration.

• The provision of services related to tourist information, including the organization of tours, city tour of, sites or monuments, guide service and tourist guides.

• The production and sale of tourist packages; the transactions related to the organization of conferences or similar events; as well as tourism-related sports, hunting, fishing, mountain, and arts and culture events.

Today, there are more than 950 travel agencies (about 1,260 outlets), representing virtually all players in the travel distribution, with half of them concentrated between Casablanca and Marrakech. They operate mainly in ticketing activities and organization of religious holidays (Hajj and Umrah) and to a lesser extent, travel distribution internationally.

Approval and Procedures for accreditation of travel agencies

Any opening a travel agency in Morocco is dependent upon obtaining an approval of the Ministry of Tourism. These approvals are issued by decision of the Minister of Tourism after notice of a commission called the Technical Advisory Committee of Travel Agencies (CTCAV) in two phases: the provisional license: issued for a period of one year, and the definitive license issued within one year after the granting of the provisional license.

Similarly, any change in the constituent elements of the creation of a travel agency folder is subject to approval of the Ministry of Tourism. These are the decision to open a branch, transfer the seat of the travel agency, change the name of the travel agency, change the director of the travel agency, and to close a travel agency.

The provisional license

The aim of the provisional license is to better study the creation record of the travel agency. After achieving a favorable opinion, a sponsor must post bail and insurance against the financial consequences of professional liability, which then results in a decision signed by the Minister of Tourism. The provisional license is valid for one year, after which time, the travel agent must submit an application to obtain a definitive license.

The final license

Final licenses are issued when the agency has created a minimum number of 5 permanent jobs and have directed at least 50% of their total foreign currency business. After reviewing the case, the travel agent then presents the annual report of the activity of the agency and its development prospects, and the final license is endorsed by a decision signed by the Minister of Tourism.

Based on all this information, it is simple to determine that tourists and locals who choose to choose a travel agency in Morocco, can rest assured that the Moroccan government has given them their stamp of approval. The end result? A great trip whether it be to Morocco or outside the country.