Italy earthquake victims: My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

Opinion: ITALY (eTN) – Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.

The desperate cry of the abandoned Jesus, suffering and dying on the Cross might have been done also by the 15 human beings buried under the debris of the collapsed shelters still missing to the desperate rescue squads in the little village of Amatrice. Maybe still alive to hear God’s reply, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke Psalms 23.46.1/39)

The doubts on the missing mercy of God has been raised to the bishop of the region paying his tribute to the mourning population by parents of the victims to whom he replied, “Cry out your grief, do it loudly, God is listening to you.”

The faith is greater than the pain. A young lady crying the death of five members of her family remitted their souls in the hands of God trusting on their parent’s protection on her future lonely life. Words unexpected even by a bishop.

The stop searching for someone still alive has been ordered by the Mayor of Amatrice.

The mission on Earth of the 268 unearthed victims and of the missing 15 is accomplished.

Silence prevails now in the vast valley affected by the quake due to the ended activity of helicopters, ambulances, and voices of the rescue people and volunteers. What cannot be controlled are the sobbing of the physically- and mentally-exhausted people, sheltered in tents waiting to bury their dead.

Saturday, August 27, has been declared a national of mourning in Italy

The state mass funeral shall take place on Saturday, August 27, with President Mattarella, the PM Renzi, the Chief of the Chamber Ms. Boldrini, and other politicians attending.

The mourning day is much felt by all the people, aware that fifty percent of the population from north to south sit on lands affected by the earthquake risk and other have a volcanic threat in addition, and have witnessed various earthquake disasters taking thousands of lives, destroying cities, and changing the life of their population.

The promise for reconstruction of the destroyed areas

PM Renzi assured that the rebuilding will be organized immediately. Fifty million euros have been assigned to the area for priorities. Wooden houses (chalets) will be provided for the comfort of the population. The Italians are being solicited for monetary donations, and their participation is united. Major shows are promising to collect money to divert to the constituted help committee. Restaurants are promoting the spaghetti Amatriciana dish as a speciality, with part of the sales to be donated. Funds have been promised by foreign states France and Germany, and Mr. Putin also proposed help! More money shall be squeezed from petrol, tobacco, etc. sales increase, as Italians are still paying a petrol tax increase for funds to rebuild the Belice area (from 30 years ago). Nobody complains when money is spilled for a good cause, but doubts always arise!

The aftermath of the latest disaster

Polemics have begun on the responsibilities for houses that should have not crashed. The public school at Amatrice had been restructured lately as well as the hospital. Both crashed! In his press conference, the Mayor of Matera announced to sue for damages in a civil proceeding of the contractor for the restoration works for citing. It means that the material worth 500,000 euros was not the appropriate quality and lacked professionality.

This is a common practice which includes corruption, in particular, when large amounts of money, at times billion of euros (Friuli, here a newly-built dam, gave way, destroying the city and killing thousands in Belice and Irpinia l’Aquila from earthquakes) are involved, and stakeholders must accept to return part of the investment. No big enterprise is exempt from the intrusion of the “” Need I say more?

Amatrice house owners should have received regional contribution to invest on placing to safety their property in the past. Bureaucracy was such that from over a thousand applications, only 200 received the bonus. The recent disaster could have been avoided in part, at least on loss of lives.

Disasters of small or large entity are seen as a bliss for unscrupulous builders: a telephone conversation was monitored, not long ago, between two people who cheered to a large disaster, seeing in it big business for them. All this without the involvement of some politicians or government officials. When the presumed culprit undergoes a corruption trial, they claim to be innocent. In all effects, “they are” since no punishment is given. This is part of the entertainment in Italy, a reward for the taxpayers.