Slovenia is introducing a multilateral passenger transport ticket


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia – On 1 September, Slovenia will introduce a system of integrated public passenger transport (IPPT), which will enable users to uninterruptedly use different types of public transport without having to buy separate tickets. A multilateral passenger transport ticket thus provides a modern, efficient, and user-friendly public transport system in Slovenia.

A multilateral passenger transport ticket will unify the use of different means of transport, and integrate the use of regular rail and inter-urban bus transport in Slovenia and urban transport in the two largest Slovenian cities in a single system. In practice, this means that in Slovenia, a passenger can choose the mode of public transport, which he shall use on particular route with a single card.

“The project of introducing integrated public passenger transport or a multilateral passenger transport ticket is the final phase of a complex 15-month project, which was ordered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and which will simplify the use of public passenger transport in Slovenia,” said MSc. Boštjan Koren, director of the Slovenian Railways – Passenger transport, the leading partner in the IPPT project, highlighting the importance of the new system.

In practice, a multilateral passenger transport ticket will be used on buses and trains in inter-urban and urban transport, from 1 September 2016. The first phase will introduce a single subsidised ticket for pupils, students, and adult learners.

“This is the largest group of public transport users; therefore, we have decided that we shall first offer the service of a multilateral passenger transport ticket to them. Later, the system will be expanded with IPPT products, which are intended for other categories of public transport passengers in Slovenia,” said MSc. Suzana Habjanič from the Service for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Policy at the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure.