Turin Caselle Airport Italy contends as hub for new Ryanair operation

Three years after the sinking of negotiations, the council of Turin wants to resume negotiations to for Caselle Airport to run as an operation base of Irish airline, Ryanair. The low-cost carrier ranks first for passenger movements to and from the Piedmonts’ airport where Ryanair operates with 12 destinations to date.

The President of Turismo Torino, Maurizio Montagnese, together with executive Marcella Gaspardone, have received a mandate to renew ties that had dropped three years ago. By September, the committee would want to set a first meeting between the Italian manager of Ryanair and Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin.

The goal is twofold, writes La Repubblica (daily) today: “The plant in Caselle of a national carrier’s low-cost base as a final goal, and short-term increase of flights to Turin, hopefully diverting to Caselle some of the 44 new routes announced by Ryanair for next year.” The problem to solve is the knot of money: “The negotiations in the past had run aground on the figures requested by Ryanair to implant the base – 10 million euro per year in exchange for 40 routes and up to one million of passengers.”

John Alborante, Ryanair’s Commercial Manager, hinted at a later meeting that the opening of the Turin Airport base could take place independent from public contributions and “depending on the traffic requirements.”