Italian tourism region: Towns wiped out after deadly earthquake


Update: 21 dead, hundreds missing as Italian earthquake victims are buried underneath collapsed homes, bed & breakfasts, and bridges. Visit Italy says about Amatrice: Discover the monuments, buildings, natural treasures and all the details that characterize Amatrice and its territory.

Amatrice may not be a town anymore, and history may have been wiped out including residential buildings and the people buried below those buildings.

The major of Amatrice told AP with tears in his eyes: Residents are buried under debris and that the town “isn’t here anymore.”

This is the chaotic scene faced by first responders at 5:00 am this Wednesday morning in Central Italian towns. It’s not known how many tourists stayed in the earthquake-destroyed region of Central Italy.

Amatrice is a town and community in the Central Italian province of Rieti in northern Lazio. The city is seat of the food-agricultural base of “Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.”

As reported earlier in eTurboNews, the situation is serious in the towns of Amatrice and Castelluccio di Norcia near Perugia and Rieti.

This is after a 6.2 strong earthquake hit Italy and was felt strongly from as far away as Rome.