Typhoon Mindulle hits Tokyo: 1 killed, airport closed, hundreds of flights canceled


TOKYO, Japan – A powerful typhoon accompanied by heavy rains has struck eastern Japan, leaving one person dead and grounding hundreds of flights nationwide.

On Monday afternoon, Typhoon Mindulle made landfall south of the Japanese capital of Tokyo, triggering heavy rain and strong winds in the city and surrounding areas.

Packing gusts up to 126 kilometers per hour, the storm canceled more than 400 domestic flights to and from Tokyo’s major airports as well as 105 express trains.

Over 60,000 passengers were affected due to disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions.

The typhoon forced air traffic controllers to abandon for an hour the control tower at Narita International Airport, the main airport in Japan’s capital.

Reports said a man was found dead on the side of a flooded road and 11 people were injuries.

The typhoon is set to lash Japan’s most populated areas, including the cities of Yokohama and Sendai in the country’s south, in the coming hours, Japan’s weather agency has said.

The weather agency has also issued warnings for flooding, landslides and high waves for southern Japan.

The storm also caused power cuts in Tokyo.

All firefighters and emergency first responders in Japan have been put on high alert to aid people in the aftermath of the typhoon.