Mauritius travel: Off the beaten path!


If you think that Mauritius is just sea, sand and sunshine, then think again! The island’s beaches are definitely one of the greatest highlights, but there is so much more in store. If you’re ready to leave the confines of your resort and venture inland, a unique vacation experience awaits you and will add new meaning to outdoor activities, adventure, food and culture!

Cultural Outings

Take an off-the-beaten-track tour on foot in the city center, or a bicycle tour through an old sugar estate to learn more about another side of Mauritius – the people, their culture, and way of life. The island is known for its multicultural population, and the history behind how all these peoples converged is most interesting. With ancestors from Africa, China, Europe, and India, there are many traditions and religions that co-exist peacefully together. The Mauritian people are often cited throughout the world as a model of harmony among the different ethnic groups.

Trekking & Hiking

Take the roads less traveled. Hiking and trekking are the best ways to discover Le Pouce Mountain with its breathtaking view of Port Louis; Le Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage site; or the Black River Gorges ecosystem. The more daring may want to try canyoning, an adventure sport becoming increasingly popular in Mauritius.

Under The Sea

There is as much to do under the water as there is above it. Submarine rides and underwater “walks” are popular adventures and experiences that will open visitors’ eyes to the beauty of Mauritian waters and the treasures it contains. Explore the wonderland beneath with its incredible coral reefs, numerous colorful fish, and even some shipwrecks. The underwater walk is guaranteed to be among one of the best walks of a tourist’s life, and be honest, most of us have always wondered what it must be like in a submarine. Here’s a chance to find out!

Mauritius from the sky

Once visitors have had their toes in the sand, swum with the fish under water, and been abseiling down waterfalls, it’s time to take to the sky! Flying above the clouds is an incredible experience as it affords breathtaking views to treasure forever. For the adrenaline hunters, there are opportunities to admire the island’s beauty by skydiving, parasailing, or flying in an X-air amphibian seaplane. For those who prefer a less fast and furious approach, why not try a helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view of the island?

Horse Racing

If you really want to feel hearts beating, spend a day at the Champ de Mars, the 2nd oldest racecourse in the world and the oldest in the southern hemisphere. Horseracing is extremely popular in Mauritius, and experiencing the charged atmosphere at Champ de Mars on race days is a must for betting enthusiasts! Join in the fun with the locals and their families as they gather in Port-Louis, and why not bet a few rupees on these majestic, powerful racehorses? Tourists may even have the thrill of winning a few? Get a glimpse of the diversity of the sport, while enjoying the elegant facilities of the club where gentlemen traditionally wear elegant suits and ladies don their finest dresses and hats.

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