Labor Day weekend reveals traveler’s guilt


NORWALK, CT – Travelers wanting to take advantage of the long holiday weekend may be feeling some guilt with obligations to work, see family and friends, and squeeze in a last trip of the summer, according to a new survey from

Millennials are feeling the most pressure to attend a family event (30%), while 35- to 54-year olds express that finding an affordable destination to visit is the biggest challenge (31%). Some adults are even feeling the need to work over the holiday weekend (15%). What’s more, half of Americans expressed that it’s hardest to cope with the fact that summer is coming to a close.

“With access to travel anywhere at any time with the touch of a button, Americans are inundated with obligations – and guilt – to take trips that matter most,” said Brigit Zimmerman, Senior Vice President of Air and Vacation Packages at

• Plan a day trip: If you’re limited on time and money, rent a car and plan a day trip to take a quick getaway. Road trips allow you to play the day by ear and hit pit stops along the way.

• Extend the holiday weekend: If you have the flexibility, take off the Thursday before or Tuesday after Labor Day. Not only will you get another day of relaxation, but you’ll avoid heavier traffic periods if you travel on these days. To cut extra traffic time, pack the night before and get on the road as early as possible the next morning to travel during off-peak hours.

• Score 4- and 5-star hotels for 3-star prices: Due to the demand and popularity for the holiday weekend, you may see higher than usual hotel prices.

• Research activities beforehand: Before heading to your destination, create an itinerary of your must-do activities so that you don’t have to spend precious time doing research on your trip. And, remember to take plenty of photos to extend the joy post-vacation.