Morocco Tourism implements travel regulatory components


To achieve the Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy, the Morocco Ministry of Tourism is focusing on four major components: tourism quality, a global support system for tourism businesses, increased support for tourism federations and associations, and increased educational opportunities for tourism professionals.

In 2010, the Tourism Ministry set objectives that are to be achieved over the next decade by the year 2020. These goals include boosting the industry’s ability to prosper financially, upgrading services, and increasing the number of tourists who visit. Morocco’s Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy is striving to meet these aims by advancing tourism regulatory reform standards.

Minimum quality standards have been set forth to make sure tourism businesses have a strong foundation to provide continual professional service, including a rating and classification system for hotels and resorts. Also, the number of tourist accommodation establishments and bed capacity will be a priority.

Additionally, a global support system and specific integrated tourism businesses will include a set of support mechanisms to facilitate tourism businesses access to key competitiveness factors. The aim is to enable them to improve their performance and achieve satisfactory profitability thresholds, thus contributing to improving the competitiveness of the tissue. The projections of Vision 2020 highlight a need for the creation of companies, creating some 50,000 new jobs.

Tourism federations and associations of tourism businesses will receive support for an organizational structure to ensure better representation of their members especially through a licensing system to assure certain guidelines are met.

Tourism professionals will receive opportunities for increased education through awareness seminars and exchange. The Morocco Ministry of Tourism sees tour guides as cultural ambassadors to visitors in Morocco, and as such will aid them in their ability to reach out and connect with the tourists to provide them with a memorable experience while visiting the country.

Tourists’ expectations are changing, and technology is ever evolving, and the Morocco Ministry of Tourism is working towards meeting the demands of these constant changes.