Latest masterpiece resort from Steve Wynn to open on August 22


MACAU – After six years of development, Wynn Resorts will open the doors to Wynn Palace at 8pm on August 22, 2016.

Representing the culmination of his over 45 years of experience in hospitality, this spectacular new destination is set to redefine luxury as part of Macau’s exciting development into a world center of tourism and leisure.

The floral-themed Wynn Palace will transport guests into a world of beauty, excitement and entertainment, starting with a breathtaking ride in air-conditioned SkyCabs that traverse the stunning 8-acre Performance Lake and into the heart of the resort.

Blending indulgence with elegance, it offers discerning travelers experiences available nowhere else in Asia.

Alongside the exciting new offerings found within, guests will be able to enjoy Wynn’s signature sense of service and attention to detail, ensuring that visitors to Wynn Palace will enjoy a memorable experience that will encourage them to return time and again.