Tourist Warning: Don’t take photos of airline employees in the UAE


Tourists visiting places in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi should be aware of not taking pictures of people, including pictures of those working for airlines. Six month in a UAE jail and fines can be the charge for taking photos of someone without permission.

Laws in the UAE protect individuals from the misuse of modern technology or other means to violate their privacy, as well as protect them from people photographing them in private places or any violation of their privacy or threat of using technology to threaten or defame.

An Asian woman will stand trial in court on the charges of verbally insulting a Dubai Airports’ employee and threatening to post his photo on social media.

The woman violated the man’s privacy by unlawfully taking a photo of him and threatening to post it on social media, Dubai Prosecution said on Tuesday.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the prosecution said the woman was charged with insulting a public officer as he was carrying out his duties, and violating a person’s privacy using information technology.

The UAE prosecution urged members of the public to respect public servants and try to resolve any issues they face calmly and in a civil manner, and avoid using foul language.