PADI and Family Travel Association Join Together


When it comes to bringing kids and parents together, there’s nothing quite like a family vacation to fashion new experiences and a lifetime of memories. In fact, Rainer Jenss, PADI Open Water Diver and president and founder of Family Travel Association (FTA) believes, “sharing the world with your children is one of the best gifts you can give them.” A partner of FTA, PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) cultivates its own path for families to explore the world through adventure and travel, inviting children as young as eight years of age to begin their scuba journey. Together, these organizations are helping to inspire families to travel the world and build lasting memories together.

“Our partnership with Family Travel Association is a testament to the importance we place on family travel, particularly because of the positive impact diving has on family chemistry and communication between parents and children,” said Kristin Valette, chief marketing and business development officer, PADI Worldwide. “PADI is a family itself—made up of thousands of divers who range in age, interest and abilities—and we are committed to uniting all of our divers under a common desire of exploring all that the ocean has to offer. We hope that our partnership with FTA will strengthen family dynamics by inspiring more families to travel and dive together.”

To support this mission, Family Travel Association shares its tips for changing the way families travel, courtesy of Jenss and the FTA blog:

Broaden your travel dreams—Many parents believe that once kids are in the picture they should slow down on travel adventures; however, having children acts as an additional way to broaden experiences and knowledge of the world around them.

Use travel as a learning tool—Experiencing new cultures, sites and activities opens your eyes to important knowledge. Take advantage of unfamiliar territory, like diving, which teaches important life skills like attention to detail, team work and self-confidence.
Dive into nature—Nature is all around and it’s free! Some of the best activities around the world involve stepping outside and exploring. Diving is just one way to see new life and marvel at the world’s most beautiful oceans.

Disconnect and reconnect—Take this valuable time to learn about each other. Turn off the cell phones, log off email and instead, ask questions, try new things and enjoy, as a group.
Embrace challenges—Oftentimes, the most incredible experiences are those that are unplanned and from the surface can appear to be intimidating. For example, obtaining your scuba certification is something many people fear; however, it provides a lifetime of recreation that is transformational.

“I launched the Family Travel Association to change the way families travel—charting a path for future generations of travelers we hope to inspire,” said Jenss. “Getting PADI certified didn’t just change my life, it’s really impacted my boys as well. For two kids who have literally traveled around the world, they now prefer going to places where we can go diving together.”