Top 10 new restaurants in the United States revealed


America’s Best New Restaurants has been revealed. Taking the top spot is Atlanta’s Staplehouse, a fully non-profit restaurant built by a devoted family with the support of a community that helped them overcome countless obstacles. Joining past winners like Washington D.C.’s Rose’s Luxury and San Francisco’s AL’s Place, Staplehouse raises the bar with a delicious take on New American cuisine and the inclusion of The Giving Kitchen, a charity created to support restaurant workers in need.

The top 10 list included

1. Staplehouse (Atlanta, GA)
2. Bad Saint (Washington, D.C.)
3. Lord Stanley (San Francisco, CA)
4. Morcilla (Pittsburgh, PA)
5. Baroo (Los Angeles, CA)
6. South Philly Barbacoa (Philadelphia, PA)
7. Oberlin (Providence, RI)
8. Wildair (New York, NY)
9. Buxton Hall (Asheville, NC)
10. N7 (New Orleans, LA)

The search was conducted by Bon Appetite magazine. “It’s a grind, but a fun one,” says deputy Bon Appetite magazine editor Andrew Knowlton, who traveled with senior editor Julia Kramer over 5,700 miles to more than 40 cities in search of the restaurants that are defining the way we eat in 2016. “We had more real contenders this year than ever before,” says Knowlton.