High Mass remains the main event for the La Digue Island 15th August Celebrations


The La Digue island 15th August is a Roman Catholic Feast and the High Mass remains the main event of this island’s feast. This year was no exception with prayers starting at the Grotto of Anse Reunion before a procession to the Sainte Marie’s Church for the final benediction. It was Rev Fr Edwin Mathiot who presided over this year’s religious ceremony on the island.

Rev Fr Mathiot is celebrating this year his 50th Anniversary since being ordained a priest and it has been 36 years since his last visit to the island of La Digue. Rev Fr Mathiot wanted on this special occasion on La Digue to remind the large crowd present that the Feast of the Assumption marks the rise to heaven of the Virgin Mary. “For God it must be reminded that death is but a sleep. The feast of the Assumption on the other end concerns us all as it is the feast of hope” said Rev Fr Mathiot. This was the Rev Father’s message to remind everyone that our lives does not end in a hole in the cemetery.

This hear as in every previous year thousands made the boat crossing to the island of La Digue to join the Diguois population for this mass that starts with open air prayers at the Grotto before the processions to the island’s Church. Many from the nearby island of Praslin come for the day only to be part of this annual pilgrimage of the Feast of the Assumption on La Digue