Gibraltar Tourism: Tourists spent 200 Million British Pounds in 2015


Tourists visiting Gibraltar spent nearly £200m in the U.K. colony. It’s nearly a fifth more than in 2014 despite a dip in the number of visitors to the Rock.

According to the Gibraltar Chronicle, Gibraltar had just under one percent fewer visitors during 2015 but according to the latest Tourist Survey these sightseers spent 19% more than travelers did in the previous year.

The paper reports:

The total number of visitors slipped from 10.25m in 2014 to 10.17m last year, reflecting a trend that has seen arrivals drop from a peak of 11.9m in 2011.

And even though visitors spent more money last year than in 2014, the figure was nonetheless the second lowest annual tourist expenditure in a decade.

The report states that an estimated £199.93 million was spent on the Rock by tourists, which aside from 2014 represents the lowest expenditure since 2005.

In 2014, tourist expenditure was £168m.
The highest tourist expenditure in the last 10 years was in 2011, when visitors spent nearly £280m.