Air Mauritius wants to be a hub between Africa and Asia


Air Mauritius wants to be a hub between Africa and Asia.
Mauritius located in the Southern Indian Ocean is the ideal location to connect Africa with Asia.

A 9 percent increase in passenger traffic helped Air Mauritius turn a profit in the second quarter — its fastest growth in five years — despite growing competition in its major markets, the airline said Monday, according to The Africa Report.

Europe is the biggest source market for Mauritius tourism, but the country’s national carrier is focusing on Asia and Africa for opportunities.

Although visitor numbers from Europe continue to increase, Mauritius is geographically better positioned for Asia-Africa transit traffic than Europe-Africa traffic, the Australia-based Center For Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) reported in an analysis.

Europe accounts for 632,000 (55 percent) of total visitors so far in 2016. France is the biggest single source market and the U.K. is No. 4 after nearby Reunion Island.

Air Mauritius is a relatively small player in the continental Africa-Asia aviation market – a market dominated by Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and the Gulf airlines.

But because Mauritius is an island nation 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) off the southeast coast of Africa, almost everyone arrives by air.