Going on Eurostar this weekend? Be aware of interruptions due to strike


For those planning to depart from London to Paris or Brussels on the Eurostar, you should be aware of picketing, a strike, and interruptions.

The good news is that if you’re planning on traveling to Paris today, things might not be as bad as expected – despite the fact that RMT union members have put up pickets at St. Pancras as they began the first stage of their work/life balance strike.

The strike will run until midnight on Monday.

The union is planning to take another three days of action – conveniently timed for the August bank holiday, between midnight on Saturday, August 27, and midnight on Monday, August 29.

Pickets at St. Pancras International train station in London the Eurostar starting point.

Eurostar issued the following information:

All passengers booked to travel this weekend will be able to do so. We have made some small changes to our timetable with all passengers due to travel on affected trains notified in advance, to allow them to change their booking to another train on the same day.

Eight services have been cancelled across the four days. We would normally run over 200 trains during this period, so the cancellations represent less than four percent of services.

Planned cancellations include:

Train no. 9114, 8:04am departure from London to Brussels
Train no. 9133,12:52pm departure from Brussels to London
Normal service

Train no. 9035, 14:13pm departure from Paris to London
Train no. 9045, 16:43pm departure from Paris to London
Train no. 9016, 10:01am departure from London to Paris
Train no. 9040, 16:31pm departure from London to Paris

Train no. 9008, 07:55am departure from London to Paris
Train no. 9013, 08:43am departure from Paris to London