Separate Oslo and Stockholm aircrafts landed in Brussels dealing with bomb threats


A bomb alert on two flights approaching Brussels Zaventem International Airport occurred tonight.

Both planes were approaching from Scandinavia, one from Stockholm and the second from from Oslo, and 20 minutes away from landing.

In the meantime, both planes landed safely and authorities are currently investigating. One plane was diverted to Toulouse, France.

A journalist by the name of Bart Raes, who is onboard the plane from Oslo tweeted, the pilot asked the passengers to remain seated after landing, suggesting a bomb threat. The threat was forwarded to the pilot 20 minutes before landing, but passengers were not informed after landing.

The threat was taken very seriously and emergency measures were taken. “There is no reason to panic,” said the Office of Interior Minister Jan Jambon.

He said the plane had received the threat around 20 minutes before landing, in a post on Twitter in Dutch.

After both threatened planes have landed safely, the disaster contingency plan lifted at Brussels Airport.