A virtual human that is about to change the game


Mark Zuckerberg’s AI butler now manages his entire house and makes his breakfast. But is that why we want or need AI – to make a piece of toast? A lot of AI-related talks end up at the “virtual assistant” level. True, connecting to third-party services like Uber and Hotels.com so you can hail rides and book hotels through voice commands can be helpful. But there is so much more to AI than controlling the AC temperature, and one company in particular, infi, is currently working on understanding not just the “what” behind users’ actions but also the “why.”

Unlike others systems, infi’s AI understands users by analyzing their interactions and not only by being exposed to their data – it is also able to analyze vast amounts of data and draw conclusions on the emotional motivation of the users while offering better-tailored services.

So what’s the big deal about all this? Here’s why it’ll become important in the near future: some things get lost in translation when it comes to machine-learning, mainly because this kind of learning lacks context. Look back of some of the decisions you’ve made in the past year. Your relationships and interactions, finances, stress levels and future plans are just some of the factors that influence decision-making process resulting with you making a call based on things that only you know.

Booking a hotel or a restaurant is the easy part. But what about analyzing interactions with other users and making recommendations based on that? Through its advanced toolbox which includes multiple engines, algorithms, analysis tools and a unique AI engine, infi analyzes inner patterns of the human behavior while decoding the mind. The Virtual Human created by infi will truly change the way we all think about what computers can do. It will be able to know, understand and anticipate users’ needs, becoming the world’s first, true digital companion.