Delta computer system completely down. Flight operation at standstill


Lines at Delta check-in counters and departure gates at airports around the globe are growing on Monday. Passengers are getting frustrated after Delta Airlines tweeted: “Our systems are down everywhere. Hopefully it won’t be much longer.”

Later, Delta confirmed that all flights were grounded due to a system outage.

UPDATE: The computer problem was resolved around 9:00 am EST.

Initially, Delta delays were reported at London’s Heathrow Airport, Los Angeles International, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, San Francisco International, and Rome’s Fiumicino.

In the meantime, delays and interruptions were worldwide at Delta Airlines. A spokesperson from the airline said:” We have a major systems collapse worldwide affecting passengers trying to check-in/board.”

Delta aircrafts already departed are not affected. There is no security threat to airliners.

Delta issued the following official statement:
“Delta (NYSE: DAL) has experienced a computer outage that has impacted flights scheduled for this morning. Flights awaiting departure are currently delayed. Flights en route are operating normally. Delta is advising travelers to check the status of their flights this morning while the issue is being addressed.”

On July 24 a technical problem at GoJet Airlines was causing delays and cancellations for Delta and United passengers on some regional routes.