Ecuador calls for help: We need tourists now!


Come back to visit Ecuador. We need tourists! These are the words by Maria Duarte, Ecuador’s Minister of Urban Development and Housing. Tourists pay in local currency. In Ecuador, the local currency is the US dollar.

The Ecuador Ministry of Information and Tourism was created on August 10, 1992, at the beginning of the government of Sixto Durán Ballén, who envisioned tourism as a key activity for the economic and social development of peoples. Compared with the growth of the tourism sector in June 1994, the decision was taken to separate tourism of information, to be devoted exclusively to promote and strengthen this activity.

In the meantime, tourism in this South American country, also home of the Galápagos Islands, has become a major income and currency source.

This income source came to a standstill about four month ago after a devastating earthquake.

The minister appealed to tourists to return to the financially-struggling Andean country.

Nearly 700 people were killed and about 6,200 injured on April 16 in the strongest earthquake to hit Ecuador in almost four decades, leaving about 8,650 people living in government shelters, according to government figures.

Reconstruction with the repair or rebuilding of 26,000 homes is in the works or planned in Ecuador.

Two tremors struck the northwest coast again in May, leading to one death in the same region as the April quake.

The best anyone can do, is to visit Ecuador. This is the message by leading tourism officials. It’s the same in countries like Nepal. The emphasis on those wanting to help, is to send tourists.

Some $3.3 billion will be required to rebuild affected areas, according to authorities.

The hardest-hit areas, the coastal provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas, are tourist hubs whose beach towns fuel Ecuador’s vital tourism industry.

Some 1.5 million foreign holiday seekers traveled to Ecuador in 2015, contributing $1.7 billion dollars to the nation’s otherwise largely oil and export-dependent economy.

Besides the capital city Quito and Galapagos islands Baños de Agua Santa is famous for being one of the cities that most attracts tourists in the Ecuador, is at 3 hours south of Quito.

Is strategically located in the center of Ecuador, between the Andes and the Ecuadorian Amazon, has a wet mild spring weather throughout the year, with an average temperature of 18 It is the ideal place to enjoy a range of activities and attractives. Situated between Sangay and Llangantes national parks,

It is also known as “The Gate of El Dorado” And “A Bit of Heaven” also offers many attractions: It can visit the Basilica of the Virgin of Rosario de Agua Santa, it can visit different waterfalls, ascend to Tungurahua (Taking precautions because it is a volcano in eruptive activity), taste melcochas (sweet made from sugar cane), there are varieties of handicrafts made in balsa and tagua.

Baños de Agua Santa is a suitable place to practice various adventure sports such as city: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, rock climbing, bungee jumping, horseback riding, nature walks, canopy, mountain biking, etc. Has 5 municipal spas with mineral and sulphurous waters ranging from cold of 18 °C until the hot of 55 °C;

It has a Pink Zone where more than 30 clubs, bars and discos it give at tourists a fun and safe environment. In this city it can access more than 80 restaurants with varied local and international cuisine.