Mauritius jewel in the crown of the Mascarene Islands


Some 560 kilometers northeast of Mauritius lies Rodrigues: the jewel in the crown of the Mascarene Islands – a 18 kilometer by 8 kilometer pearl surrounded by a crystalline blue lagoon twice its size.

The secure waters of the lagoon and the trade winds that gently buffer the island provide many opportunities for the adventurous. Rodrigues is a wonderful playground for scuba divers who quickly fall in love with the diverse coral reef eco-system and its colorful assortment of sub-aquatic flora and fauna. Equally, the island appeals to those with a love of windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing, and fishing. Thanks to its outer reef edges sitting nearly ten kilometers away from the coastline, Rodriguan waters are rich in fish. In fact, no fewer than three world record catches have been hooked there since 2005.

It isn’t only those who like the ocean that will be swayed by Rodrigues’ charms. Yellows, greens, and blues: nature on Rodrigues throbs with a palette of colors. Rarely will visitors encounter such a variety of landscapes in such a small area.

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