Empire State Building announces exciting new elevator experience for Observatory visitors


NEW YORK, NY – Empire State Realty Trust today announced a new elevator experience for visitors to the Empire State Building (ESB).

One-of-a-kind mini-shows with sound, created by design studio Imaginary Forces, will play on the ceiling of the elevator cars both on the ascent to and descent from the world-famous 86th Floor Observatory. The shows are to be unveiled at 6 p.m. EDT on August 4, 2016, in three elevators, with the balance of the elevators being upgraded over time.

Imaginary Forces’ Creative Directors Dan Gregoras and Jeremy Cox led a team of visual-effects artists and audio composers, who began work in 2015, in creating two unique guest experiences. From the moment the elevator doors close, the ascent show transports visitors back in time to the construction of ESB, spotlighting workers, machinery, and materials in a fanciful depiction of the construction process.

On the descent, the show prepares visitors for the ride back to the New York City streets by showcasing different features of the art deco masterpiece lobby, with distinct features floating in to ultimately form the iconic mural that adorns the Fifth Avenue entrance.

“Located at the heart of New York City, the Empire State Building provides fresh, fun and educational experiences,” said Jean-Yves Ghazi, Director of the Observatory. “Our new elevator shows not only add entertainment for our visitors but by putting them on the ceiling, we give each visitor the opportunity to be fully immersed in our world.”