Secure hotel for foreigners in Kabul under deadly attack by Taliban


A truck full of explosives exploded near the entrance of Northgate Hotel, reported Bilal Sarwary in Kabul, Afghanistan. Another local journalist, citing police, added that there were reportedly four attackers involved.

Not many tourists are traveling to Kabul, but if they do, the Northgate Hotel may be the place to stay.

Taliban says they targeted wealthy foreigners with blasts and gunfire at the hotel and claimed responsibility of a terror attack on this property.

Four gunman are inside the hotel holding foreign civilians and military personal hostage.

“Fighting is heard” in the proximity of the site, he added.

The hotel that wasattacked is located on Jalalabad Road, TOLO news reported. The sound of sirens, “mainly from foreign embassies,” was heard in the city following the blast.

The Northgate Hotel Website frequented by foreigners in Kabul says on its website: The “Northgate” is a secure hotel based in Kabul. Northgate Hotel provides custom-made life support services to military and civilian organizations in danger zones. In 2013 Northgate Hotel gained Diplomatic Status and is not subject to APPF control. The hotel has been proud on providing excellent service and a safe haven in a dangerous environment.

A large explosion took place in the hotel early on Monday, reportedly knocking out the city’s electricity. Local reporters claimed a truck bomb was involved, while noting that there was ongoing attack on a hotel.

The blast occurred in the middle of the night, at around 1:30 am local time. Some witnesses on Twitter claimed that the electricity had actually gone off in Kabul shortly before, and not after, the explosion.

The blast has been described on Twitter as being so loud that it woke up people “all over the city.”