Alert for tourists visiting Cologne: Mass protests expected on Sunday


Tourists visiting Cologne on Sunday should avoid crossing the Rhine bridge to Deutz. “Mind your own business while we escalate the situation on your streets,” this is the message from Turkey’s ruler Erdogan to Germany. How long will Germany tolerate this?

Today, tourists visiting Cologne are enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Musicians in front of the beautiful Cathedral, street cafes are packed with tourists from every corner of the world.

At the same time, guests staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel located in Cologne Deutz are currently informed by hotel managers about upcoming emergency measures to be expected in the City on the Rhine river tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Sunday Turkish Airlines is expected to fly in protesters to Cologne to participate at a pro-Erdogan mass protest in Cologne Deutz. 30,000 people are expected on Cologne’s streets in a battle against Erdogan opponents, and groups of right-wing German party AKB are getting ready to fight in the streets in Cologne Deutz. 2700 police officers and German Federal authorities with water cannons are ready to battle protesters on Sunday.

Tourists on Sunday may want to avoid the Deutz side of the Rhine River. Bridges will be closed after 10 am on Sunday for the 3 pm protest.


Turkey’s government message to the west: “Mind your own business,” but why is the battle for this business now shifting to the peaceful streets of Cologne in the Federal Republic of Germany?

30,000 Turkish people are protesting in support of someone who doesn’t allow protests in the country he rules – and they can do this in Germany.