Landside security – a key topic at AVSEC World 2016


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The 25th edition of the AVSEC World Conference, from 25-27 October, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will provide a unique global forum for top industry and regulatory stakeholders to discuss the challenges with landside security and explore different approaches.

Following a keynote and roundtable discussion, specifically focused on landside attacks, a number of panels will be of interest to the airport community:

Security culture discusses best practices and solutions for creating a strong security culture and the benefit it brings in addressing many aspects of security including suspicious behaviour and insder threats.

Capacity building looks at the importance of raising the bar globally on the implementation of security measures, and discusses different models for providing assistance to airports, airlines and States.

Process and efficiency looks at how airports are measuring passenger flow and implementing a process of continuous improvement.

Technology in security examines innovation and technology to improve security outcomes and drive efficiency.

Airport security experts:

A number of airport experts are already secured as speakers, including:

– Erick Bourai, Head of Aviation Security Policy, Aéroports de Paris

– Alexis Long, Head of Security Policy, Heathrow Airport Limited

– Johnnie Müller, Head of Security, Copenhagen Airport

– Vince Scanlon, Executive General Manager, Planning and Infrastructure, Adelaide Airport Limited

– Alan Tan, Vice President, Aerodrome Safety and Aviation Security, Changi Airport

The location in Kuala Lumpur this year also gives the event an opportunity to draw on experiences from the Asia-Pacific region and consider a different perspective on challenges and solutions.