Air France flight attendants on strike until August 2


Stewards and stewardesses working for Air France are not showing a sense of patriotism.

While France is going through a tough period within their travel and tourism industry, while the country suffered numerous terror attack recently, the national airline Air France has its own man-made problem to deal with. Strike!

Air France expects to cancel 13% of its flights starting today, July 27. This is due to a strike by Air France flight attendants. The strike is expected to last until August 2.

In a statement, Air France plans to provide 92% of long-haul flights, 90% of domestic flights and more than 80% of medium-haul from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.


Cancellations or last-minute delays are possible. Air France flights operated by Hop, KLM and Delta, are not affected by the strike. Air France low cost subsidiary Transavia was not mentioned in the statement.

Last summer Air France flew an average of 1,000 flights a day, carrying some 140,000 passengers.

Flights to European destinations, north Africa and Israel will be affected, as well as some routes in Asia and Africa, the company said.

At issue is the duration of an accord setting working rules, pay and promotions that is due to expire in October.

Management has proposed an extension of 17 months, while the unions are demanding a duration of between three and five years.

In late June the new CEO of the Air France-KLM group, Jean-Marc Janaillac, warded off a pilots’ strike that would have been the second such stoppage during the Euro football tournament.

Their unions dropped their strike call after Janaillac proposed freezing new pay rules opposed by the pilots in exchange for a four-month truce.

The pilots’ last strike, which grounded around 20 percent of flights on June 11-14, hit France as it was gripped by social unrest over a series of disputed labour reforms from the Socialist government.

The SNPNC-FO and UNSA-PNC unions say they represent 45 percent of the flight attendants.

Flight crews account for 13,600 of Air France’s 50,000-strong workforce.