Royal Air Maroc Saves Fuel and Reduces its Carbon Emissions


CASABLANCA, Morocco – The Moroccan National carrier Royal Air Maroc has just implemented SkyBreathe Fuel Efficiency, OpenAirlines eco-flying solution which aims to assess flight efficiency and to substantially reduce the fuel consumption of their aircraft.

Thanks to Big Data algorithms, the software automatically analyses the available data of each flight, then coupled with real operational conditions (onboard weight, loading, weather forecast during flight, trajectory, imperatives of air traffic control, aircraft degradation, etc.), in order to assess flight efficiency and thus calculate the reduction in fuel use. Based on this information, airlines will be able easily to implement the most appropriate best practices to reduce their fuel consumption. The main operational actors (technical, handling, studies) and the pilots will be active contributors through a system showing detailed reports of their performance.

Has the outcome of the preliminary studies carried as a part of the project, the implementation of SkyBreathe® will enable the airline to ensure a reduction up to 3.5% in their fuel consumption before year 2020.

Many airlines, throughout the world, have chosen Skybreathe® fuel efficiency, one of the most advanced solutions in the market in terms of environmental effectiveness. This innovative software enables a reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of between 2 and 5%, a strategic expense for the airlines given that fuel accounts for some 30% of their costs.