Fired: 211 Turkish Airlines workers with connection to coup organizer FETÖ


During the recent attempt to overthrow the government in Turkey, horror stories about Turkish Airlines unable to assist passengers during this period circled the media world. Today, the airline seems to blame 211 Turkish Airlines associates for this situation and fired them.

During the July 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt, President Erdoğan blamed the group FETÖ. Authorities have arrested thousands of soldiers and judges. Over 10,000 education staff were suspended, and the licenses of over 20,000 teachers working at private institutions were revoked for alleged affiliation to Gülen. Fethullah Gülen strongly condemned the coup, and rejected claims of his involvement.

In a statement, Turkish Airlines informs today. The statement has a “heroic” tone underlining the strength of the Erdogan’s government. The statement reads:

Active as of 22nd July 2016, contracts are canceled given the nonfulfillment of performance criterion and in line with the necessary actions we are taking against the FETÖ structure, attitudes and behavior conflicting with the interest of our country and company.

As Turkish Airlines, united with all of the heroic and honorable Turkish people in extraordinary efforts, we have acknowledged our responsibility to terminate the malevolent illegal attempt. Under any circumstances, we have and will continue to fulfill our responsibility to contribute to democracy.