Tourists: Stay indoors, every emergency service is rushing to Munich, Bavaria, Germany


The latest unconfirmed shooting scene is Marienplatz, the number one tourist gathering place in Munich. Its high tourist season in Munich. Visitors from all over the world are enjoying a hot afternoon in the many cafes of the city. At the same time there is a widespread terror attack on the Bavarian capital city of Munich in Germany. It makes it another attack on the world travel and tourism industry.

Authorities have closed all public transportation including buses, trams, and trains in Munich.

At least three terrorists with weapons are on the loose in Bavaria. The official number of people killed is currently 6. “The only thing we know is that we know nothing,” a German official said on twitter.

Munich police reiterate people should stay home or seek shelter in nearby buildings amid heavy police operation.

Every available emergency service is rushing to Munich and police are asking people to stay off freeways to make space for emergency vehicles to get to the city as soon as possible.

The terror attack already caused numerous deaths that started in Bavaria’s largest shopping center next to the former 1972 Olympic Village and spread out to subways and other areas in Munich. It spread out to Stachus, a famous square loved by tourists, and possibly to the subway system (rumors).

Seeing GSG9, the special German military unit helicopters in the air above Munich reminds some on the terror attack during the 1972 Olympics.

Anyone traveling in Munich and needing shelter, should go to twitter to #offeneTür and find out where to go.