Australia, China and Malaysia to halt search for missing Flight MH370


PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia — Australia, China and Malaysia agree to suspend search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 after the current search is completed.

“In the absence of new evidence, Malaysia, Australia and China have collectively decided to suspend the search upon completion of the 120,000-square-kilometer (46,300-square-mile) search area,” Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said after a meeting with his Australian and Chinese counterparts.

“I must emphasize that this does not mean we are giving up on the search for MH370,” he added.

The announcement comes a day after the Dutch company leading the search admitted that it may have been looking in the wrong place for the past two years.

The ministers said the search could be revived, but only if new evidence emerges.

The current search was originally scheduled to end in July or August of this year.