Kazakhstan showcasing future energy in tourism


A photo exhibition, Kazakhstan – a country of the Great Steppe, featuring the amazing nature scenery of the republic has opened in Nikolskaya Street next to the Metro Station Revolution Square.

The exhibition includes 60 striking photos and 4 information stands featuring the amazing natural wonders of Kazakhstan: its boundless steppes, mountains, lakes, forests and deserts. In addition, the works of photographers also tell the story of Astana and Almaty, the country’s two major cities.

“In preparation for the exhibition our chief photographer Andrey Kamenev spent a month in Kazakhstan and saw what I think was only a tiny fraction of what there is to see in this beautiful country. I hope that what he saw was enough to surprise you, to make you feel and see how beautiful this country is and what an exciting tourist destination it is,” says Andrey Palamarchuk, Chief Editor of the National Geographic Magazine Russia at the official opening ceremony.

Djamilya Nurkalieva, who represents the Astana EXPO – 2017 national company, pointed out in her turn that an exhibition in such a stunning historic location in Moscow will give an insight to its visitors into the culture of Kazakhstan and its tourist opportunities.
“We hope to see you all at our EXPO Exhibition in 2017. We are planning around three thousand cultural and entertainment events and topical conferences. Tickets for the EXPO – 2017 Exhibition in Astana can already be purchased online,” said Deputy Head of the Department of Marketing, Promotion and Tourism of the national company Astana EXPO-2017 D. Nurkalieva.
Kazakhstan is a natural ecosystem in a class of its own with a variety of the most striking European and Asian landscapes. Apart from reflecting the country’s scenic beauty, the photos also touch upon the topics of the forthcoming major international events that are scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan in the near future: the International Specialised Exhibition EXPO-2017 and the Almaty Winter Universiade.
The Exhibition has been organised with the assistance of the National Geographic Magazine, Russia, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow and the National Company Astana EXPO – 2017. It will be open until August 24, 2016.

The International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017 with the theme “Future Energy” is an expositional and recreational event that will take place between June 10 and September 10, 2017 in Astana. The exhibition will last 93 days and will be one of the most spectacular cultural venues in 2017. To date, 90 countries and 16 international organizations have confirmed that they will participate in the Astana EXPO-2017 exposition. Overall, the event expects over 100 participating countries and over 5 million visits.

As part of EXPO-2017, global policy documents will be drafted in order to promote an energy-efficient lifestyle and wide use of renewable energy sources.

The subthemes of EXPO-2017 are:
– Reducing CO2 emissions. The environmental challenge: to protect our environment and promote trends that lead to environmental enhancement.

– Energy conservation. The economic challenge: promote energy efficiency and the rational use of energy.

– Energy for all. The social challenge: energy access as a basic human need and right.