What is United Airlines Polaris? Remember PAN AM ?


United Polaris is poised to be a long overdue improvement in airlines based in the United States to become again competitive on an international platform. United is one of several U.S. based airlines introducing a new generation of premium service.
At the today concludes GBTA Convention in Denver it was all about Polaris.

Polaris is great news for airline passengers paying for business and first class tickets, but United Mileage plus and Star Alliance Gold members that had given airlines hundred thousands and sometimes millions of miles over years to earn their status will most likely feel fooled again if they book economy to get get some benefits, like lounge access. As of December 1 at airports with a United Polaris lounge business and first class passenger no longer have to deal with a secondary lounge is experience and with economy passengers that earned a status. The new lounge will not be open to those type of premium passengers.

Polaris business class only has isle seats.

Polaris is a step back to PAN AM times when airlines had excellent service, and passengers dressed up and were looking forward flying?

A trend back to the good old times are moving forward in the U.S. Airline world.

After Middle East carriers took the lead in introducing one improvement after another in premium service, United Airlines is now following suit:

United Polaris is a reinvention of United’s international premium cabin travel experience, offering elevated comfort and service from lounge to landing for a restful night’s sleep in the air.

This service however is only reserved to international passengers where competition in the service level is a reality.

The United Polaris experience was on providing international travelers with what they’ve asked for: Better sleep in the sky.

Features includes an exclusive United Polaris Lounges with new rest spaces and high-end pre-flight dining options; a custom-designed personal onboard suite with added privacy, comfort and convenience; sleep-focused amenities like custom Saks Fifth Avenue luxury bedding and spa-quality Cowshed products from Soho House & Co; and reimagined dining options created in partnership with chefs from The Trotter Project.

Starting December 1, 2016, United Polaris business class service will slowly replace United BusinessFirst service on international flights, and United Polaris Global First service will replace the current United Global First.

Where did the United Polaris name come from?

Polaris is the North Star, the point in the nighttime sky that travelers have long used as their guide. The name United Polaris was chosen to represent the reimagined travel experience that flyers can rely on for true comfort and real sleep as they travel the world.

Why did United decide to switch to United Polaris?

Based on customer feedback, United tailored that experience to focus on comfort and sleep to put the legacy of the weary business traveler to rest.

How different will United Polaris travel be?

The United Polaris experience brings a new level of quality to every aspect of premium cabin travel, from lounge to landing, with a special focus on providing a great night’s sleep in flight.

United states in their brochures: We’ve spent years gathering feedback from our customers, incorporating it into everything from seat design to dining options, and fine-tuning each element of our service to ensure that we’re providing an experience that not only meets your needs, but goes above and beyond. United Polaris service will offer true comfort and real sleep.”

What kind of research went into developing the new international business class?

Hundreds of customers and employees were involved in more than 12,000 hours of research leading to the development of the United Polaris experience. Through many focus groups and hours of on-the-ground and inflight product simulations, including overnight sleep tests for the new United Polaris seats, we tested a wide variety of product and service offerings and received feedback on what worked and what didn’t. Only the best features went on to become part of the United Polaris experience.

United Polaris Lounge
What new features will the United Polaris Lounges have?

Brand-new United Polaris Lounges will be available exclusively to international premium cabin travelers, offering a thoughtful selection of amenities to prepare you for your flight.

The United Polaris Lounges will feature pre-flight dining option, which includes a menu developed by award-winning chef Art Smith, an extensive buffet with hot and cold selections and table service. Spa-like shower facilities feature premium Cowshed products from Soho House & Co. Passengers can also sit back and relax in a tucked-away area with daybeds, soft lighting and gentle white noise, which will put you in the right mindset for a restful flight.

Where will the United Polaris Lounges be located and when will they open?

The first United Polaris Lounge will open at Chicago O’Hare, near gate C16, in December 2016. Eight additional lounges will open at Houston Intercontinental, Los Angeles International, New York/Newark, San Francisco, Washington Dulles, Hong Kong, London Heathrow and Tokyo Narita. Opening dates for these lounge locations will follow over the course of the next few years.

Who can use the United Polaris Lounge?

Only customers traveling in United Polaris business class or United Polaris Global First on long-haul international flights, as well as customers traveling in international first or business class cabins on Star Alliance partner airlines will have access to the United Polaris Lounge.

United Polaris Flights

How does United Polaris service provide better sleep in flight?

United says: We paid close attention to the details that matter when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Seat features

Our new United Polaris cabins feature forward-facing, direct-aisle-access seats that recline flat, providing sleeping spaces that are up to 6 feet 6 inches (198.12 cm) long and up to 23 inches (58.42 cm) wide. In locations where two seats are next to each other, there’s a powered privacy divider so you can easily tuck yourself away and forget that there are other travelers nearby. We´ve even included an illuminated “do not disturb” sign that lets you signal to your flight attendants that you´d prefer not to be awakened.”


“In a first-of-its-kind partnership, United has worked with luxury goods department store Saks Fifth Avenue to create custom bedding designed to provide the best sleep in the sky. Because temperature is crucial to sleeping soundly, we give you the choice of two different blankets — a quilted duvet and a lighter throw blanket — for the perfect amount of warmth. Mattress cushions are also available upon request. And if you tend to warm up when you sleep, ask for a cooling gel memory foam pillow instead of (or in addition to) the Saks Fifth Avenue pillows you’ll find at your seat.”


“We provide several dining options so you can choose the right time and pace for your meal. We’re proud to offer our chef-redesigned, multi-course inflight dining experience, with each element presented in its proper order once the flight reaches altitude. If you’re eager to get as many hours of rest as possible, you can choose to enjoy a seated meal in the United Polaris Lounge before your flight so you can go right to sleep in the air. Or if you’d prefer to eat in flight but don’t want to wait for each course, you can opt for our Express Dining service and receive a single tray with your full meal all at once, at the time of your choosing. For those midflight cravings, we offer self-serve snacks and beverages that you can grab at your convenience.”


“When curating our selection of United Polaris amenities, we put a strong emphasis on sleep. Cozy slippers are perfect for quick trips out of your seat or just standing and stretching. In your amenity kit, we provide premium sleep mist and skincare items from Soho House’s Cowshed Spa to keep you relaxed and refreshed. And ear plugs and an ergonomic eye mask ensure that you can block out any ambient distractions while you doze. On flights longer than 12 hours, we also offer 100% cotton pajamas upon request.”

Will United Polaris service replace United BusinessFirst and United Global First?

“United Polaris business class will replace United BusinessFirst on international flights, and United Polaris Global First will replace United Global First service. Both of these changes will come with significant enhancements to the service and products provided in our current international premium cabin experience.”

Passengers flying in a premium cabin on December 1, 2016, or later, will experience our new United Polaris business class or United Polaris Global First service.

United Global First:

In December 2016, when United Global First becomes United Polaris Global First, travelers will see enhancements to amenities, dining and service that will improve the overall travel experience.

United Airlines will take delivery of their first Boeing 777-300 featuring the new United Polaris seats and cabin design in December of 2016, and the aircraft is scheduled to begin service in early 2017.