Brakes failed: 293 tourists onboard Hawaiian Airlines walked away unharmed in Tokyo


Japanese tourists bound for Waikiki and ready for a Hawaiian vacation, started with a horrific experience Sunday night onboard a Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330.

293 passengers and crew were unharmed when their aircraft made an emergency landing at Tokyo Haneda Airport in Japan. A runway was closed at one of Tokyo’s main airports Monday after a Hawaiian Airlines jet punctured its tires while making an emergency landing, forcing the cancellation of some domestic Japanese flights.

Eight tires blew out when the Airbus A330 returned to Haneda Airport after a display indicated a problem in the hydraulic system, Japanese media reported.

Japan Airlines cancelled some domestic flights, and warned of the possibility of other flight disruptions. Haneda Airport said in a statement on its website that international flights had not been affected.

An aviation expert told Japanese TV NHK that the brakes may not have functioned properly if there were a hydraulic system problem, causing the blowouts.