Passenger announcement: Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines issued this announcement today to their customers and to the Turkish nation:

Upon the call of our President, HE Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our operations at Istanbul Atatürk Airport is now back to normal and flights have begun.

For the individual and group passengers who have booked on the Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet flights from/to Turkey (Including domestic flights) and/or transit flights via Turkey between 15.07.2016 – 20.07.2016 (Included) and ticketed on/before 15.07.2016, providing that their tickets are revalitated until 15.08.2016 (Included), disregarding of related fare rules;

1.Rebooking and rerouting will be made without any charge. The rule is valid also for the different reservation booking classes only if the new destination is in same IATA region and and the same compartment.
2. Refund Requests:
A. Unused Ticket: Refund will be made without any charge.
B. Used Ticket: Refund will be made considering at involuntary.
3. Extension of Validity:
Validity of ticket can be extended until 15.08.2016 without any fare difference or penalty.
4. Rebooking/rerouting of group reservations for which payment or guarentee MCO is recieved will be made disregarding applying penalties of existing fare rules.
5. These applications are valid only on flights operated by Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet.

Application defined in this telex includes extraordinary cases which are not covered within flight and service irregularities procedure. (PR. 10. 677. 006)

The rules given in this telex also include flights which are operated on time and/or delayed within limits defined in related procedure in case that passengers request changes. The irregularities defined in flight and service irregularities procedure will be used for all other extraordinary cases with the rules mentioned in this procedure.