Did Turkish airlines chairman İlker Aycı perform magic?


According to M. İlker Aycı, chairman of Turkish Airlines, flights are due to resume at 1100 GMT or 2 pm Istanbul time on Saturday. He said this, according to CNN Turk. If he was correct, this would come close to a miracle.

Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil told another eTN source, he expects to operate around 50% of its scheduled operations today after resuming flights.

eTN contacted Yahya Ustun, SVP Media Relations Turkish Airlines.

He told eTurboNews: “Because of the unexpected unrest that occurred on July 16, 2016 in Turkey, please kindly refer to thy.com for the current list of our canceled flights.”

He continued: “We kindly ask our passengers to check the latest information about their flights before their trip on our official website.”

It’s now 2:30 pm in Istanbul, and it appears some flights are in fact boarding, but the confusion reported earlier is continuing.

Earlier, the airline made a similar commitment to resume operation for 3 am GMT or 6 am Istanbul time.

Passengers able to actually talk to a a Turkish Airlines agent were told non-refundable tickets will remain non-refundable – no exceptions.