42 dead in Turkey coup attempt


According to the Turkish prosecutor’s office, at least 42 people have been killed in Ankara during attempted coup in Turkey, 17 of them police officers. A hospital official in Istanbul reported that at least 150 have been wounded. The Turkish prime minister reported that more than 120 people have been arrested over the coup attempt.

A bomb hit a building in the Turkish Parliament building, but there were no fatalities, and all the legislators are safe. The general secretary to the Turkish President was abducted by coup makers, and there is no information yet on the whereabouts of the chief of military staff.

All Turkish Airlines flights are expected to resume as normal to Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport by Saturday at 6 am local time. President Erdogan stated that military planes had tried to bomb a Marmaris hotel where he was staying during the attempted coup.

Turkish President Erdogan said the coup attempt was conducted by a minority in the military and that “they are going to pay for this in the harshest way,” and will face the law and the judicial system, adding, “Turkey won’t be frightened.”