Bloodshed possible in Turkey within hours: Tourists scared


According to eTN sources in Istanbul, a bloody situation is about to unfold in Turkey. eTN reader Scott said on Facebook: “Thirteen years working in the tourism industry in Turkey, lived through many terrorist attacks; I have never had a sense of fright, but today I’m scared.”

A Turkey army group just announced their takeover on Turkish TV. According to their announcement, martial law has been imposed in Turkey – This was announced by Turkish media on TRT.

The soldier group committing the coup call themselves “Peace in the Country Council.”

In the meantime, PM Erdogan announced on twitter he is expected to speak to the public shortly. Sources close to the government say Erdogan authorized any means to stop the coup.

According to rumors that people are discussing in Turkey on this late Friday night, the military that initiated the coup was sponsored by US interests. This may increase danger to Americans in Turkey.


A tourism security expert, a member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners, is urging passengers booked on a flight to Turkey to avoid boarding this flight. Tourists in Turkey should remain in their hotels and await further instructions by their embassies and security officials.

The recommendation counts also for passengers transiting through Istanbul or any airport in Turkey to to other international flights.

Turkish Airlines was unavailable to comment. Reservations and information as well as media contact lines were not answered. Passengers in Istanbul are seeing increased security and tanks surrounding airport structures.

Passengers in Istanbul report many outbound flights are cancelled or delayed.

The US State Department and US embassy officials reached by eTN are talking about an unfolding emergency and were unable to give more details.

Currently, millions of people are vacationing in Turkey from regions around the world. 700,000 Russians alone are currently in Turkey.

Experts predict for the night-time situation to become extremely dangerous by the morning. Considered an insider on Turkey, Maxime Shevchenko, a Russian journalist, is predicting millions of citizens supporting the current leader Erdogan may be on the streets in the morning, Turkish time, to fight.

It’s now a little after midnight. Tourists in Istanbul told eTN long lines in front of ATM machines show people are trying to get ahold of cash.

At this time it’s not clear who is in control.