India’s travel agents and airlines’ top brass come together


INDIA (eTN) – In a rare, unusual event, India’s travel agents and airlines’ top brass sat together today, July 13, to discuss issues and see how both the segments can grow together and help the industry develop.

The initiative was taken by the airlines council of the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), led by Ms. Jyoti Mayal.

Among the topics that came up for discussion, was the vexed question of Web, where the airlines put up fares, and the agents feel that these prices are often lower than what they are allowed to sell.

Airline reps said that often the agents compete among themselves, and airlines cannot be blamed for this.

Airlines maintained that the agents would continue to be major selling arms for the airlines, even as web sales have come to stay.

Perhaps the biggest gain of the exercise was that the two segments agreed to continue to meet regularly.

TAAI is coming up with a portal to help small- and medium-sized agents. It has also recently launched a magazine.