Horizon Air Charter expands to Horizon Air Group


DALLAS, TX – In 2014, Horizon Air Charter was founded with the goal of providing better travel and sales options to individual and corporate clients. Horizon Air Charter experienced exponential growth and has expanded their service offerings with whole aircraft sales and acquisitions, operating under the newly formed Horizon Air Group umbrella.

With this expansion, Horizon Air Group now offers a full spectrum of aviation services, including aircraft charters, aircraft sales and acquisitions, private aircraft management, and aviation consulting.
Horizon Air Group Founder and CEO Luis Barros said, “To see our firm grow so quickly not only in size and capability, but with the right people and approach, is really an amazing thing. We are immensely proud of what we’ve built so far and are eagerly working toward bringing a new level of expertise and service to the local and national business aviation space.”

Currently, Horizon Air Group envisions growth that could lead it to becoming one of the largest and most capable air charter brokerages and aircraft sales and acquisition firms in the country. Their current headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and they have immediate plans to establish a viable presence in strong markets such as California, Miami, and New York.

Their innovative flyNEXT and flyCORP programs, which provide access to luxury flights at clients’ and corporations’ convenience, will continue to move forward, thanks in large part to the overwhelming success of these unique flying programs within their charter division. Horizon Air Group is also working to expand operations in aircraft management and maintenance.

The goal for the Horizon Air Group is to offer the level of service savvy clients demand within one company. For any business aviation needs, every client will be able to find precisely what they seek within Horizon Air Group. Currently, Horizon is one of the largest and few dedicated aircraft sales, charter, and management companies throughout Texas and the Central U.S. Founder/CEO Luis Barros and Horizon Aircraft Sales President Randall Mize, along with their team of dedicated executives, are all highly experienced and knowledgeable with Part 135 charter, management, and sales.

“The addition of Horizon Aircraft Sales and its leader, Randall Mize, is another great step towards our goals,” Mr. Barros added.
Randall Mize brings exceptional knowledge and experience within aircraft sales and acquisitions to Horizon Air Group, including the transactional aspects of the business, as well as operations, management, and FAA compliance.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the team here at Horizon Air Group,” Horizon Aircraft Sales President Randall Mize said. “The assembly of industry professionals that have been organized here is very impressive, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s on the Horizon for us, pardon the pun”

Since joining Horizon Air Group, Mize has already achieved a pinnacle milestone as the first broker in the aviation industry to sell a pre-owned Citation X+, which Is considered one of the fastest and most technologically advanced business jets in the world.

Through Horizon Air Group, clients will receive top-tier legal reviews, unmatched market knowledge, and a dedication for customer satisfaction second to none within the industry.