South Korea travel trade captivated by Seychelles Creole Travel Services

In the presence of a bank of travel press, Betty Underwood of Creole Travel Services sold the Seychelles and the existing connectivity provided by the Cat Cocos as well as DMCs, new activity now being provided by the two new Penguin Submarines purchased from South Korea for discovering the spectacular underwater world of the Seychelles.

Betty, who was in Seoul this week for the dedicated Seychelles workshop, captured the South Korean travel trade as she presented the islands’ DMC and the services it offers.

Betty Underwood was in Seoul as part of the Seychelles delegation headed by Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St.Ange and the Tourism Board’s CEO, Sherin Naiken. “Betty’s presentation was well received, and her one-to-one with the travel trade captured the South Koreans,” said a representative of the Seychelles Office in Seoul after feedback was received from the large number of travel trade present.

The private sector tourism trade of Seychelles was invited to join the official party for this dedicated Seychelles workshop which was the first of its kind in Seoul. “The Tourism Board invited the trade to join in and waived all participation fees in a bid to stimulate this potential source market,” said Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Tourism Board.

Apart from individual press meetings and a press conference that was described as a “full house,” the Seychelles delegation is also programmed to be meeting with Korean Air during the course of this working visit to Seoul.