Uganda Presidents lodges complaints about lack of flight connectivity

Complaints recently made by Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to his cabinet about the lack of connectivity into and out of Entebbe showed swift results, when Kenya Airways announced additional flights to Bangui, routing via Entebbe.

The extra flights will land in Entebbe, from Nairobi, every Monday and Friday and will then leave for Bangui at 0915 hours, arriving in the capital of the Central African Republic at 0950 hours local time.
The return flight timings were given as leaving BGF at 1455 hours and arriving in Entebbe at 1930 hours, both times local, before eventually flying on to Nairobi where the flight terminates.

Only days ago, Kenya Airways launched their latest African destination, Cape Town, which is now served three times a week in combination with Livingstone/Zambia. The airline has traffic rights between Zambia and South Africa and the service is thought to be ideal for tourists wishing to combine two of Africa’s most recognized attractions, the Victoria Falls of the Zambezi River and Table Mountain.