Ducks Unlimited Canada celebrates National Fishing Week


National Fishing Week is underway across Canada. Canadians are marking the occasion by casting their lines in nearby waters.

But the secret spots and favorite haunts frequented by anglers have been under increasing threats: invasive species, habitat loss, and degradation.

At Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), our scientists and conservation specialists are working to restore and safeguard important habitat for our native fish species.

This work includes building innovative fishways that provide access to spawning grounds, helping restore wetlands, and managing invasive species that threaten habitat.

These measures are rooted in science and a keen awareness of the important role native fish species play in maintaining healthy and functioning ecosystems.

And we want to share this work with you, and your readers.

So before you leave the newsroom to tackle your own fishing adventure this National Fishing Week, visit our Fisheries Centre, where you’ll catch content to release to your readers. They’ll thank you for it. So will the fish.