This is how you make ANY country great again: Donald Trump should learn from Canada’s PM


It was a proud day for Canada and the free world today. The Canadian Prime Minister was in the leader seat in just being himself and having fun in Toronto. This all happened a day before the U.S. independence day.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was leading the gay pride parade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this morning. He said: “Proud to stand with the LGBTQ2 community today & every day.”

Trudeau became the first sitting PM to march in a Pride parade.

“I’m going to assume this is the greatest photo of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ever taken.” Indeed! was the response to the PM’s message by many fans.

Tomek Mekelburg Canada: You have one awesome man running your country. I salute your maple leaf.

Michael Kape said: I was watching this video today of Justin Trudeau leading the Pride parade in Toronto, and I kept saying, “This man is the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA! How totally cool is this.” And he looked like he was having the time of his life. This is the Prime Minister of Canada leading a Pride parade. He is really just the best.

Valerie Smith commented: This is how you make ANY country “great again.”

Amy DeLuca said: Can we clone him and give copies to everyone?

Dale Arthur added: Quick, as soon as he is out of Office, pass a Special Act of Congress to give him US citizenship, and then let him run for President.

Chelsea Fisher had this to say: This picture must have been taken shortly after he passed our group!! Every year we set up a water brigade with cold water and super saokers, and we hand out water to people in the parade. Every year that PM Trudeau has marched, he has come and asked to be cooled down!

Trent Blankenship Canada: I’m an American liberal and I’ve always looked at Canada as an amazing liberal Disney world but now you have Justin Trudeau which just makes me love you more his policies his political positions just perfect! Oh gosh even if our elections weren’t shot to hell I’d still want go live in Canada.

Elif Icbilen: I am so jealous of Canada, of its prime minister, human rights, democracy & freedom. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!! No fear, no bodyguards ruining the parade and all confidence… A down to earth human being respecting all. Go Canada ! Go Trudeau! You are like a fresh breeze to politics and diplomacy.

Richard Schertzer: Trudeau has said many times, ‘A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian’. A Prime Minister for ALL of us.

Paul Verran Bele: Justin Trudeau, you are possibly the coolest world leader ever, a man that truly embraces and celebrates diversity! Love and best wishes from the LGBTIQ community in Australia.

Jacobo Sherman: This man represents all I stand for Canada you do have what you deserved it’s a proud day for Canada

Dylan Megaw: Uggghhhh can we please just export our politicians and bring Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau to Australia? Except Bill Shorten, He can stay 🙂

John T Johnston concluded: REAL men – who LOVE women and treat them with respect – do not question their sexuality…..they got over it in their teens. JT knows who he is, and has not problem with anyone. As the Vulcan said “May he live long and prosper”. You Canadians should get down and pray to whomever your “god” is, and be thankful that you have such a wonderful PM!