No hoax: Chicago wants US tourists to carry concealed guns on busses and trains


Tourism in Chicago may turn into a life-threatening adventure soon, with murders in the windy city in the two-digit range every single weekend.

The Illinois State Rifle Association has a solution. This is no hoax, and it applies only to Americans and not to foreign tourists, but this is an actual press release received by ISRA today.

The release says: It Is Time To Permit Concealed Carry On Public Transportation

Imagine the horror of watching one of your fellow commuters hacked to death.

Imagine the terror in wondering if you might be next.
Imagine the frustration of knowing that’s there’s nothing you can do about it.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Illinois commuters head out for work knowing full well they face brutalization with very little recourse. That’s because the Illinois General Assembly decided that self-defense is needed least where is it needed most – public transportation. The outcome is predictable. Hardly a week goes by when chilling stories of murder and mayhem on trains and buses aren’t splashed across the headlines. Unfortunately, last week was no different.

“The recent stabbing death of a young woman on a CTA train and this week’s stabbing of a good Samaritan on a CTA bus should serve as a grim wake-up call to opponents of concealed carry on public transportation,” said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. “They say they don’t want to ride with armed people. Well, guess what? They already are. Knives, bats, razors and Tasers are all along for the ride whenever you hop on the ‘L’ or the METRA or a CTA bus. Trouble is, they’re being carried by criminals who prey on the defenseless.”

“Once the doors to the bus or train slam shut, you’re locked into a bullring from which there is no exit,” continued Pearson. “There’s no way out, no authority, no rule of law. As you hurtle across the urban landscape, you’re left with nothing but the fervent hope that today is not the day that some miscreant decides to raise havoc during your commute. Not a very comforting situation to be in. But sadly, it’s the reality that millions of law-abiding transit riders must unjustifiably face every week.”

“Since its passage in Illinois, concealed carry has proven itself to be a safe, reliable and comforting means of self-defense for the good citizens of Illinois,” said Pearson. “Every day, many thousands of Illinoisans go about their daily business fully assured that their concealed defensive firearm will provide them with at least a fighting chance if attacked by a murderer, robber or rapist. Unfortunately, the General Assembly chose not to extend the right of self-defense to what is arguably the riskiest environment that many citizens will ever face – public transportation.”

“The ISRA has been working hard, and will continue to work hard to bring concealed carry to where it’s needed most,” concluded Pearson. “Top among those places is the public transit system. No longer should our good citizens sit quietly in their seats hoping hope upon hope that it is some other passenger’s unlucky day.”

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. For more than a century, the ISRA has represented the interests of millions of law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.