US – India tourism: The future looks bright

The prospects of increased travel and tourism activity between India and the United States are bright, and the proposed augmenting of air capacity by Air India will boost this sentiment.

There are other indications also that tourism will be a major player in increasing the contacts between the two democracies of the world.

This was the general feeling at a day-long event on June 29 n Delhi, where the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, a gathering of the top brass, including the US Ambassador Richard Verma, Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani, and Amitabha Kant CEO Niti Aayog.

Lohani announced that Air India will add two more destinations in the US to its network – Washington and Newark. Verma said that better connectivity will help more travel. United, which was the program partner along with IACC, is also active in the India-US sector. Sunder Advani, who heads the tourism cell of the IACC and organized the meet, said that in years to come, travel will play an even more important role. Similar sentiments were expressed by Sheema Vohra, who heads Sartha, representing Brand USA in India.

Speakers felt that more steps, like more publicity by India in the US, should be taken. The e-visa was a help, and the US is also adding more visa centers in India to ease the visa process.

Kant stressed that better civic governance was also essential to boost tourism from the US to India.