Uganda tourism opens 2nd Twegaite Source of the Nile Run


The Twegaite Source of the Nile Run is one of several sports events that the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) partners with the private sector to promote regional and domestic tourism.

The Speaker of the Uganda Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, launched the run which is part of events to promote domestic tourism in the Busog region in Eastern Uganda, and specifically in Jinja the biggest city in the region.

Grace Moses Balyeku MP Jinja West

The run is organized by Twegaite International Organization a non-profit corporation based in the USA. Twegaite brings together children and friends of Busoga, both in the diaspora and Uganda, with a primary objective of reaching out in a collaborative manner for Busoga Regional Development. It was founded in the USA in 1998. Their group’s primary objective is to reach out in a collaborative effort for Busoga regional development.

Hon. Kadaga said the first run had been a success even though it was held on the shores of the River Mississippi in the USA.

Ofwono Opondo, CEO Uganda Media Centre

“Twegaite is an organization that brings together the Basoga and other people from eastern Uganda, all living in the USA. I was chief runner at the first event in St. Paul/Minneapolis and I finished the race,” said Kadaga. She was addressing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

Kadaga said this is the first time the run is on the shores of the world’s longest river, the River Nile. The Nile at about 6,700 km from Jinja in Uganda to the Nile Delta in Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean is the longest river.

Stephen Asiimwe CEO Uganda Tourism Board

During the second edition of Twegaite Source of the Nile Run, the organizers hope to raise funds to support a cancer hospice in Jinja. There are a number of activities starting from July 18 all through to July 24, among them a zoo exhibition. Kadaga called upon Ugandans and others to register and participate in the run not only to support the cancer awareness campaign, but also to promote tourism in Uganda.

“Each of us has the personal responsibility to promote our country,” says Hon. Kadaga. “Busoga and the eastern region has a lot to over to the rest of the country and I encourage all Ugandans to participate in this run,” said Hon. Kadaga.

Stephen Asiimwe UTB CEO; Balyegusa MP Jinja West; Rebecca Kadaga Speaker, Parliament

“This year, the Uganda Tourism Board is focused on driving domestic tourism to higher levels that the previous years. Uganda is rich and diverse in culture, landscape, and tourism attractions and the Twegaite Source of the Nile Run is one such event that promotes domestic tourism,” says Stephen Asiimwe, the CEO of Uganda Tourism Board.

UTB is partnering with Twegaite International to promote Jinja as a tourism and adventure destination in East Africa. Through this run, UTB and Twegaite International will be driving traffic to Jinja for the entire week (July 18-24).

Hon. Kadaga launches Nile Run Twegaite


WHERE: Source of the Nile, Jinja

WHEN: July 23, 2016

Events start July 18, climaxing with the Twegaite Source of the Nile Run on July 23.

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• Travel and tourism investment spending – an important aspect of both current and future activity that includes investment activity such as the purchase of new aircraft and construction of new hotels.

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